Welcome to ARCHIVOS, the premiere story development and visualization tool from Wonderthing Studios, designed to support Storytellers in crafting their stories and presenting them to the world.

A story is more than just people, places, and events. It’s the revelation of how those story elements interact that creates the excitement and drama that inspires us.

Those connections illuminate the true meaning and significance of story… and that’s exactly what ARCHIVOS was designed to do.


ARCHIVOS helps visualize the connections between story elements, providing a unique and intuitive expression of a story world.

As a Development Tool…

First, ARCHIVOS helps Storytellers document the characters, places, and events of their stories, detailing the basic framework for the tale.

Then, Storytellers connect those story elements by defining the relationships between them that articulate not just the existence of the connection but also its nature (professional, personal, political, geographical, etc.).

The relationships in ARCHIVOS also support a hierarchy, like that of a parent to a child, or a manager to an employee. This framework will help identify and organize the structures within the story world.

As those structures become clear, Storytellers become true story architects, able to refine the and enhance the impact of their stories.

As a Presentation Tool…

When a reader falls in love with a story, they want to be able to explore it and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of characters and places that captured their imagination.

ARCHIVOS provides a way for fans to do exactly that. Through its three primary public interfaces – The Story Web, The Living Map, and The Timeline – fans of a story setting can rediscover the excitement and wonder they felt, reliving the dramatic highs and lows of the narrative and delving into the characters and places that inspired them.

For readers who haven’t experienced the story world yet, what better way to entice them than by presenting them with an alluring weave of story threads they can explore?

And More…

Storytellers aren’t just writers.

Gamers can use ARCHIVOS to chronicle their game worlds and adventures.

Story Fans can celebrate the story worlds they love from film, video games, or graphic novels by weaving their unique tapestry of excitement from the story threads.

Historians and Educators can illuminate classic literature or the great moments of human experience.

Organizations of all kinds can communicate the scope and breadth of their enterprise, sharing the staff, structures, and initiatives that define their purpose in the world.

Everyone’s a Storyteller at heart… and ARCHIVOS was made for Storytellers.