ARCHIVOS at Balticon (May 25-28)


The Baltimore Science Fiction Society‘s 52nd Balticon Sci-Fi and Fantasy extravaganza is happening Memorial Day Weekend and ARCHIVOS is all over it!

If you’re anywhere near the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel from Friday, May 25th, to Monday, May 28th, then make the scene and experience the vibrant community of authors, editors, podcasters, and other stellar luminaries participating in this celebration of speculative fiction and media.

The ARCHIVOS Schedule

Come visit us at any of these conference events…

Friday, May 25

MythWits Presents: Midnight at the Welcome Wench

9:00 PM (Pride of Baltimore II)— Peter Bryant (moderator), Laura Nicole “Spence”, John Walker, Mike Kafes, et al

A cast of voice artists (including ARCHIVOS creator Dave Robison) will perform a live reading of Peter Bryant’s short story “Midnight at the Welcome Wench.” It’s part of his serial Tales of Steel and is a follow-on from last year’s “Curse of the Red Death.”

Saturday, May 26

Tools for Collaboration in New Media

11:00 AM (Pride of Baltimore II) — with J. R. Blackwell, Charles Brown, Sue Baiman, Scott Roche

Creative time can be short, especially when you’re trying to work with other people’s schedules. What are the tools and processes you should use to collaborate on creative works?

Story Development, Documentation, and Collaboration with ARCHIVOS

3:00 PM (Pride of Baltimore II)

ARCHIVOS is a new online web application designed to empower storytellers with a whole new way to build their stories. Creator Dave Robison will lead attendees on a full exploration of ARCHIVOS, including creating story settings and story elements, creating relationships between story elements, setting up collaborations and invitation-only viewing, as well as using the ARCHIVOS Display Modes Timeline, Living Map, and Story Web to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for their stories.

All attendees will receive a coupon good for one month of ARCHIVOS absolutely free!

The Voice of Free Planet X

5:00 PM (Pride of Baltimore II) — Jared Axelrod (moderator), Christiana Ellis, John Walker, August Grappin, et al

Join the return of the Voice of Free Planet X live at Balticon 52!

A Gamer’s Guide to ARCHIVOS

7:00 PM (Pride of Baltimore II)

ARCHIVOS, the new online story development web application, is perfect for chronicling your RPG Campaign! Dave Robison – gamer, podcaster, and evil genius behind ARCHIVOS – will demonstrate how the application can be used illuminate the epic scope and grandeur of your gaming campaign, including how to make the history of your gaming world come alive, create and run adventures linked to that world, as well as document and share the party’s achievements exclusively with your gamers.

All attendees will receive a coupon good for one month of ARCHIVOS absolutely free!

The Melting Potcast Performance

8:00 PM (Pride of Baltimore II)— August Grappin (moderator), Erin Kazmark

The Melting Potcast is a writing variety show featuring a little of everything from everyone, everywhere! Come listen as your Head Chef and Grillmistress perform a never before heard flash fiction story, corrupt classic literature, and more!

Sunday, May 27

Improving Your Readings

10:00 AM (Room 9029)— with Erin Kazmark, Starla Huchton, Valerie J. Mikles, Steven Howell Wilson

Learn techniques to improve the quality of your own readings and practice them in front of a group.

An Educator’s Guide to ARCHIVOS

11:00 AM (Pride of Baltimore II)

Classic literature and history come to life in ARCHIVOS, the new online story development application. ARCHIVOS Creator Dave Robison walks you through how the applications comprehensive 3-dimensional documentation and presentation models can help educators illuminate complex thematic concepts, focus and enhance learning through interactive exploration, plus leverage Project-Based Learning and Student Ownership of Learning to ensure student engagement and comprehension.

All attendees will receive a coupon good for one month of ARCHIVOS absolutely free!

What Makes an Idea Worth Exploring?

1:00 PM, Room 9029— with Gail Z. Martin, Bud Sparhawk, Michael A. Ventrella, Jeff Young

Bring the concepts you’re considering and we’ll discuss whether they’re worth your, or your reader’s, time.


5:00 PM (Room 9029)


Vex Mosaic – The Magazine of Speculative Thought has been seeding the spec fic community with ideas and insights through its online publication. This live recorded interview will feature more of the same as luminaries of the literary firmament cast their eyes forward and speculate on the future of media, culture, and speculative fiction.

Monday, May 28

Why the Storyteller Needs a Narrator

12:00 PM (Pride of Baltimore II)— with Melissa L. Hayden, Starla Huchton, Laura Nicole

As authors write more and want to monetize multiple revenue streams, audiobooks represent a popular venue with diverse distribution options. Investing in a narrator whose voice fits the work and brings it to life is an important decision. Learn how to choose the best narrator and what an author can expect.

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