ARCHIVOS Debuts at Gen Con 50


ARCHIVOS made its debut at Gen Con this year, offering exclusive Pre-Beta Subscriptions to the convention’s attendees at a special 20% discount.

60,000 gamers, writers and fans filled the halls of the Indianapolis Convention Center for Gen Con 50
60,000 gamers, writers and fans filled the halls of the Indianapolis Convention Center for Gen Con 50

For the first time in Gen Con’s 50-year legacy, the game fair was SOLD OUT with 60,000 attendees participating in over 19,000 ticketed events. It was like a small city descended upon Indianapolis to wave its geek flag proudly.

At the booth were Dave Robison (ARCHIVOS’s creator), Chris Perkinson (ARCHIVOS Product Manager), and David “Doc Blue” Wendt (author and ARCHIVOS Beta Tester), with additional distinguished service from über game master Jayson Utz.

Team ARCHIVOS (Chris Perkinson far left, David "Doc Blue" Wendt far right) present demos to Gen Con's 60,000+ attendees
Team ARCHIVOS (Chris Perkinson far left, David “Doc Blue” Wendt far right) present demos to Gen Con’s 60,000+ attendees

Together, Team ARCHIVOS delivered 100’s of live demos of the online application to the writers, gamers, and fans in the Gen Con Exhibit Hall.

The response was overwhelming. Storytellers of all kinds celebrated the arrival of a tool that can not only document the characters, places, and events of their story worlds but also allow them to engage and explore the connections between those elements.

“Finally,” was the common refrain, “someone built the app I’ve been looking for!”

The Gen Con Writers Symposium

In addition to ARCHIVOS’s presence in the Exhibit Hall, we were proud to help sponsor the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium. Chaired by author and game designer Marc Tassin (creator of the Aetaltis RPG), the guest roster at the Symposium was truly stellar, featuring Charlene Harris, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, and more.

The programming for the Symposium featured over 180 hours of panels, workshops, and events (including live podcast recordings from Anton Strout of the Once and Future Podcast) fostering a community of storytellers and offering countless ways to refine their craft.

Role Players

Role playing gamers saw ARCHIVOS’s potential for presenting their game world to their players in a way that was not only unique but also allows for the players’ achievements to be included in the chronicles of the game world.

The biggest feature request from the RPG crew was the ability to make their story setting private except to an exclusive group of viewers (the players) and the opportunity to share the editing of the story world with multiple collaborators. Both features are on the ARCHIVOS Feature Road Map for 2017.


Writers also jumped on the ARCHIVOS train, celebrating ARCHIVOS’s ability to document all the significant story elements of their tales as well as providing a compelling and unique experience for their fans to engage with their story worlds.

For the writers, it was Custom Calendars that was the most common request, so the ARCHIVOS Timeline could accurately reflect how time is measured. This will be a little trickier to manage, but the ARCHIVOS development team has committed to making this happen as well.


While we always expected ARCHIVOS could be a powerful tool for educators, we didn’t expect to explore those aspects of the application at Gen Con. We were wrong. Teachers from across the country engaged the Team on how ARCHIVOS could be used to present classic literature or history to their students.

Adapting ARCHIVOS for the classroom is no small task. The safety and security of student information is paramount, as is supporting the curriculum requirements of the teachers and their school districts. But if ARCHIVOS can help inspire students and open the doors of learning a little wider, we’ll be honored to add those capabilities to the framework.

Moving forward…

The next benchmark on the ARCHIVOS roll out is September 1, 2017.

This Friday, we’ll be launching the full Open Beta for the application, inviting storytellers from around the world to purchase subscriptions to the service and start weaving their tales into the ARCHIVOS tapestry.

Storyteller Subscriptions are priced at $5 a month ($60/year) and will extend through 2018 (16 months). At this level, subscribers will unlock the full suite of story setting creation and configuration features in the ARCHIVOS platform.

We’ll also be offering Patron Subscriptions for $10 which will grant the subscriber full access to the Story Catalog to view the story settings made public by the Storytellers. If Patrons elect to upgrade their subscription to Storyteller, they can apply the price of their Patron Subscription to the upgrade cost.

The ARCHIVOS Open Beta extends through December 31, 2017. During the Open Beta, only subscribers will be able to access the application. On January 1, 2018, the Story Catalog will be made public so story fans around the world can enjoy the creations of the ARCHIVOS Storytellers free of charge.

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