We’re just getting started with ARCHIVOS so we’re trying to guess at the things you’re most curious about.

So, if you have a question that isn’t listed here, contact us and let us know what it is!

How would I use ARCHIVOS?

Well, that depends on who you are. But here’s the thing…

ARCHIVOS was designed to illuminate stories. And everything is a story.

  • Writers can use it to document their story worlds, creating a story bible for their own use or to share with their readers.
  • Role Playing Gamers can use it to chronicle the adventures in their games and map out the history and geography of their game world.
  • Fans can celebrate the novels, games, and films they love by offering commentary on documented characters, places, and events
  • Educators can use it to help their students appreciate classic literature or to chronicle a historic period.
  • Genealogists can use it to document a family tree, incorporating generations of data into a single display.
  • Corporations can use it to map out their organization or to share the history and legacy of the organization.
  • Tour Companies can use it to showcase their tours, highlighting each stop and the landmarks to be enjoyed at each one.

ARCHIVOS is a whole new way to document and share the stories that mean the most to us, whatever those stories are.

When can I start using ARCHIVOS?

Here’s the release plan for ARCHIVOS…

August 17 – 20, 2017 – Pre-Beta Launch at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN

Attendees of Gen Con (“The Best Four Days in Gaming”) will be able to purchase subscriptions to the ARCHIVOS service and special discount price. Click here to learn more about the ARCHIVOS release at Gen Con.

September 1, 2017 – ARCHIVOS Open Beta Launch

The public will be able to purchase subscriptions to the ARCHIVOS service (details about the Open Beta can be found here). Only subscribers will be able to access the service.

January 1, 2017 – ARCHIVOS Launches to the Public

The ARCHIVOS Story Catalog will be available to the general public free of charge. Storyteller subscriptions will be required to create story settings in the ARCHIVOS platform.

What is a "Patron" subscription?

During ARCHIVOS Open Beta, only subscribers will be able to access the application.

We wanted to give the visionaries and early-adopters in the community the chance to see ARCHIVOS in action without actually paying for a full Storyteller account. The Patron account provides access to the Story Catalog of “public” Story Settings and the ability to view those settings in the ARCHIVOS displays.

But we’re fairly confident that the allure of the Storyteller will be strong, so when a subscriber decides to upgrade their account to a Storyteller, they can apply the cost of their Patron account to the subscription price.

What is a "Storyteller" subscription?

A Storyteller subscription unlocks the full suite of story development and presentation features ARCHIVOS has to offer.

They can create an unlimited number of Story Settings and populate those settings with as many characters, places, and events are they desire.

They can keep those settings private, using them to help develop and refine their tales, or they can choose to make them public. “Public” Story Settings are listed in the Story Catalog so that others can see the Story Web, Living Map, and Timeline for the setting.

What is a "Story Setting" in ARCHIVOS?

In ARCHIVOS, a “Story Setting” is the frame in which you’ll build your story world. You decide the scope of the settings you create…

  • It can encompass an entire series of books, films, comics… or focus on a single tale.
  • It can chronicle an entire RPG campaign… or a single adventure.
  • It could detail an entire era of history… or just a single event.
  • It could be a city guide for a tourism bureau, highlighting tours for guests.
  • The possibilities are limitless!

PLUS, you can create unlimited settings in ARCHIVOS, so let your imagination run wild!

Do I have to own the copyright for the stories I present in ARCHIVOS?

Wow… you’re going right for the tough questions, aren’t you. The answer is yes, but we’re not answering the question you think you’re asking.

We allow follow-on works here at ARCHIVOS – that means that you can share content or “stories” based on the works of other creators, but unless something is in the public domain, you can’t quote paragraphs and paragraphs, word for word, in the same order as the source work; that’s copyright infringement.

And you own the copyright in anything you write that’s original to you, as soon as you write it on paper or it’s saved to a mobile device or computer’s hard drive, even if it’s based on someone else’s story. You don’t own their characters even if you use them, or their words, even if you quote them – but you do hold copyright in your own creativity.

If you’re using ARCHIVOS to write or share your commentary, analysis, meta, fanfiction, criticism, parody, research, or scholarship, then that content likely will be considered “fair use” by us – because it would also likely be considered fair use by US courts (and ARCHIVOS is located in the US). You don’t need permission from the copyrightholder to create a transformative work, because you’re making a “fair use” of someone else’s copyright.

However, if you copy all or most or even much of someone else’s work, and don’t add any analysis, commentary, criticism, research or meta, that might infringe on someone else’s copyright. ARCHIVOS is strongly committed to protecting the rights of content creators around the world and we’re strong advocates of the DMCA (the Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and has procedures in place to address any infringement concerns that may arise.

We consider ARCHIVOS a kind of “visual wiki” and rely on our users to be responsible in their presentation of content they don’t own. If there is a question of infringement, we’ll work with all parties involved to ensure it is resolved quickly and fairly.

Why does the ARCHIVOS application look weird in the browser on my tablet or cellphone?

At this time, ARCHIVOS is designed exclusively for use with desktops and laptops.

We’re committed to making sure the ARCHIVOS experience is exceptional for all users, and that includes mobile devices. Support for browsers on mobile devices is a top priority and the development team is working on it even as you read this (if you listen closely, you can hear the thunder of their clacking keys).