ARCHIVOS goes on tour with Epic Proportions Tour 


(March 26, 2018) ARCHIVOS announced today that their online story development software will be used by Epic Proportions Tour artists to promote their Spring EPT 2018 concert tour. Musicians will be able to use ARCHIVOS to chronicle and flesh out their stories as 30 different shows happen nationwide. This partnership allows anyone the ability to visualize the entire tour and the bands as it happens in real time.

A story is more than just people, places, and events. It’s the revelation of how those story elements interact that creates the excitement and drama that inspires us. How did the first gig go? What did the band think of last night’s city? Don’t miss out on what hilarious story that will be told well after the tour ends. ARCHIVOS helps visualize the connections between story elements, providing a unique and intuitive expression of a story world. Those connections illuminate the true meaning and significance of story… and that’s exactly what ARCHIVOS was designed to do.

Gabe Kubanda, EPT owner and anchor artist, explained “This is so much more than just keeping track of a Facebook page as a band tours. This is all the bells and whistles. If you want the most in-depth way to find the new artist you love, ARCHIVOS is how you do it.

“I am so excited to see this in action,” ARCHIVOS creator Dave Robison remarked. “Find great new music and learn the stories behind the band and their creations. Why wait for the next season of a reality show when you can see the next big stars right at your fingertips!”

ARCHIVOS is currently in Beta but will be launched April 27, 2018. Interested in getting a FREE demo of the software? Sign up today!


ARCHIVOS represents a whole new way to look at stories, illuminating the context and connections between characters, places, and events, rather than just detailing individual story elements. Its interactive displays allow storytellers and fans to discover intriguing patterns and structures to the narratives of their favorite stores as well as enriching stories as they’re being written!

About The Epic Proportions Tour:

EPT provides unsigned bands the opportunity to tour the U.S., Australia, and in 2018, Europe! Our niche concert tour includes high schools, colleges, festivals, and military bases allowing artists to build a solid fan base while getting the financial support to develop their craft. Our EduMusication program gives students access to our pro musicians in their music classes, for workshops, Q&As, and inspiration. EPT has run 20 tours in the past 6 years playing 600 + shows and reaching 900,000+ people. Bands are encouraged to sign up and audition to be on our tour via

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