ARCHIVOS Launch Will Be Celebrated Live

The ARCHIVOS Public Launch is Friday, May 4th, and we're doing it up in style with interviews, giveaways, live demos, and more!

On May 4, 2018, ARCHIVOS will become available to the public, allowing anyone to peruse and enjoy the story creations of ARCHIVOS’s subscribers.

Now look… you KNOW, we can’t just “throw the switch” and walk away. So we’re gonna fill the day with awesomeness equivalent to that of ARCHIVOS itself.

Live Events All Day Long

Starting at 2pm, we’re going to be hosting live ARCHIVOS walk-throughs on Facebook with some truly stellar luminaries of the storytelling firmament!

Go to at the times listed below
to see live demos with these remarkable folks…

Alasdair Stuart & Marguerite Kenner

2:00 PM CST

Marguerite and Alasdair run the fleet of Escape Artists podcasts (Escape Pod, Pseudopod, Podcastle, and Cast of Wonders) so they KNOW their stories. We’ll explore how ARCHIVOS can be used to document short fiction, and maybe consider how a podcast could use the app to document and organize their broadcasts!


4:00 PM CST

You want to know about ARCHIVOS? Talk to the guy who created it!

Dave Robison will lead a walk-through of the app, answer questions from the comments, and discuss strategies for getting the most out this incredible storytelling platform.

Michael R. Underwood

6:00 PM CST

Michael is a storyteller for all seasons. His latest creation – “Born to the Blade” from SerialBox Publishing – is just the latest in a long and distinguished list of literary adventures. His expertise and experience in the crafting of tales (solo and in collaboration) will help guide and inform this walk-through (and maybe he’ll offer some suggestions for future development of the app).

Alyc Helms &
Marie Brennan

8:00 PM CST

Marie and Alyc are both consummate word-smiths, deftly creating compelling stories in both literary and more interactive frameworks. As we guide them through the multitude of features for collaborative storytellers, we’ll be exploring some intriguing strategies for documenting your research as well as ways to illuminate your RPG worlds and campaigns.

But that’s not all!

Each Live Session we’ll hold a drawing* for a bunch of 3-month subscriptions to the folks attending the session.

We’ll ALSO be holding drawings all day for 6-month subscriptions and a 1-year subscription! We’ll draw those names from the list of visionary Facebookers* who have “LIKED” the page (so if you haven’t liked the ARCHIVOS Facebook page yet, now is the time to do it)!

So what will we be showing off?

We’ve added some fabulous new features to allow ARCHIVOS to be the premiere story development and documentation tool for all storytellers… and we’re chompin’ at the bit to show them off to you! Features like:

Collaboration – Now you can invite other ARCHIVOS users to edit your setting with you. Creating a shared world? Add your colleagues to the story setting and everyone can help build the world.

Invitation-Only Settings – Sometimes you don’t want to share your setting with the whole world. When you want to open the doors to a select group of individuals, you can add them to the setting and they’ll be able to view the Story Web, Living Map, and Timeline. Great for gaming groups or as a perk for subscribers or Patreon patrons!

Enhanced Relationship Engine – We’ve expanded the Relationship feature of the app to include tagging so you can qualify the connections between Story Elements anyway you like. We’ve also expanded the relationship options to allow for anything to relate to anything, simplifying the relationship creation process.

Streamlined Interface – The new Storyteller Navigation Bar access your settings, add new elements and settings, and configure your groups from anywhere in the app! The

…and so much more!

And we’re just getting started! Help us celebrate the culmination of years of design and development and join us for our Launch Day Celebration! And, then sign-up for ARCHIVOS and turbo-charge your storytelling mojo!

*Note that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook. All participants in the promotion release Facebook from responsibility or obligation.

Drawing Eligibility: Must be 13 years old or older.

Live Session Eligibility: Just click any emoticon (Like, Laugh, Wow, Sad, or Angry) during the live event.

Prize Drawing Eligibility: Just “LIKE” the Archivos Facebook page before the drawing (9:00 pm CST) to enter.

Drawing Rules:

  • One prize per person.
  • Winners will be notified in the Archivos Facebook Feed and by private message.
  • Coupon codes will be delivered within 72 of drawing.

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Do you have a time for when you will begin selling subscriptions?

The dev team is putting the finishing touches on all the new goodness (including subscriptions). Let’s be conservative and say 4 pm CST… but if you’re as stoked as we are, you might start checking as early as 2 pm CST 😉

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