ARCHIVOS Open Beta Launches this Friday!


Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, an educator, or a fan, you’re a storyteller… and ARCHIVOS is the tool that will empower you to explore and be inspired by the stories you love.

This Friday, September 1, 2017, storytellers around the world will be able to start using ARCHIVOS to document their story settings and have them illuminated as no other application can.

By purchasing an ARCHIVOS Storyteller subscription, creators will be able to log in to the online application and begin exploring the story settings shared by other ARCHIVOS subscribers as well begin creating their own.

You can view the “Getting Started” page to get an overview of ARCHIVOS’s display and story development features.

ARCHIVOS Storytellers

Subscribing to ARCHIVOS unlocks two awesome features:

The first is The Story Catalog, a complete listing of the story settings created and shared by ARCHIVOS subscribers. Through the story catalog, those public story settings can be explored through ARCHIVOS’s unique interactive displays: the Story Web, the Living Map, and the Timeline.

A Storyteller Subscription also unlocks the full suite of ARCHIVOS’s story development features, allowing the Storyteller to create and configure unlimited story settings and populate those settings with the characters, places, and events that define their stories.

Storytellers can keep their settings private, using them to develop and refine their stories. Story Settings can also be made public which will list them in the Story Catalog for others to explore.

Storyteller Subscription

•• $60 ($5/month through December 31, 2018*) ••

•• Access to the Story Catalog of shared settings ••

•• Create unlimited Story Settings ••

•• Create unlimited Story Elements ••

•• Share your Settings or keep them private ••

*The four months of Open Beta will not count against the one-year Storyteller subscription, so subscribers will essentially be receiving 16 months of access to ARCHIVOS’s story development features.

The ARCHIVOS Open Beta Program is now LIVE!

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