ARCHIVOS: Proud Sponsor of the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium

The Gen Con Writers Symposium!

For the second year running, ARCHIVOS is proud to sponsor the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium at the Gen Con Game Faire August 1 – 5, 2018.

With over 200 hours of compelling panels and workshops led by over 70 of the stellar luminaries of today’s speculative fiction marketplace, the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium is one of the most valuable and relevant experiences for today’s storytellers.

How does the GCWS deliver such astonishing content? Co-Director Melanie Meadors explains, “We at the GCWS work hard to make every year special for attendees and author guests alike. Having a network for authors, giving writers the tools they need to succeed, and offering support for folks when they have ups and downs are only a few ways the Symposium strives to contribute to the writing community.”

Melanie Meadors, Co-Director of the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium

Content in the GCWS ranges from professional strategies (like “Writing Informative and Engaging Author Bios”) to craft guidance (the “Mastering Fiction” series with Brad Beaulieu is not to be missed) to industry examinations featuring Tor, Apex, Del Rey and more.

ARCHIVOS is sponsoring two GCWS events the Kick-Off Dinner and the Friday Night Hangout. Both events are networking opportunities for the authors and panelists of the symposium (plus, you know… food and drink to sustain them through the trials ahead).

For Dave Robison, ARCHIVOS Creator and President of Wonderthing Studios, sponsoring the event was a no-brainer. “Our mission statement is to support writers and storytellers in the crafting of their tales… and that support extends to the organizations that are delivering valuable service to those storytellers. The GCWS definitely qualifies.”

Meadors echoes the sentiment. “Helping others make their dreams come true has always been important to me, and I think the Symposium does just that for authors in all phases of their careers. I’m proud to be a part of something that is not only fun, but that makes a real difference in people’s lives.”

You can learn more about this year’s Gen Con Writer’s Symposium events at their website:

While not formally a part of the GCWS curriculum, Dave Robison will be demoing the ARCHIVOS platform in the Westin hotel adjacent to the Symposium’s meeting rooms. Look for demos from 2pm to 3pm in the Albany Room of the Marriott Hotel (across from the convention center) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the Gen Con Game Faire.

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