ARCHIVOS Release Schedule

When can you get your hands on the storytelling mojo of ARCHIVOS?

Trust us… we want it in your hands now. But we also want to make sure it’s done right. So here’s the current roll-out schedule for the app:

July 10 – Aug 10: Closed Beta

Open call for Beta Testers closes July 9 (fill out the Beta Tester Application to be considered). From then until a week before Gen Con, we’ll be making final adjustments, tweaks, and polishing the core feature set of ARCHIVOS

Aug 17 – Aug 20: Gen Con Exclusive Open Beta Release

Wonderthing Studios has a booth at Gen Con (“The Best 4 Days of Gaming”) and we’ll be offering Open Beta Subscriptions to ARCHIVOS at 20% off!

Sept 1 – Dec 31: Open Beta

The ARCHIVOS Open Beta will run through the end of December. Storytellers will be able to purchase subscriptions enabling them to develop their story settings in ARCHIVOS, but the displays will be limited to the other Closed Beta subscribers (and a handful of selected spectators). This will give Storytellers 4 months to build and refine their settings as the development team completes the crafting of Phase I features for the ARCHIVOS framework

January 1, 2017: Public Launch

The world can finally see and interact with all the settings, game worlds, and other narratives crafted during the Closed Beta.

There are more details to share with each of these phases… specifics will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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