ARCHIVOS Will Be ROCKING Gen Con 2018!


Do you hear that? The sound of thunder on the horizon? THAT is the sound of a million dice being warmed up for Gen Con 2018… and ARCHIVOS is rolling for initiative right along with them!


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We will be lavish and loud in the Exhibitor’s Hall at

————– BOOTH # 262 —————–

with laptops on hand for you to try out the storytelling power of the ARCHIVOS framework. Our booth staff will be on hand to give you a guided tour of the features and fabulousity baked into this Storyteller’s Dream-Come-True, and you’ll even have a chance to speak with the app’s creator, Dave Robison!

The Gen Con Writers Symposium!


For the second year running, ARCHIVOS is a proud sponsor of the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium. If you’re not hip to this amazing 4-day program, it is THE gathering of literati – including James S. A. Corey (yes, we know it’s actually two authors 😉 ), Shanna Germain, Matt Forbeck, Elizabeth Bear, and more) presenting panels, workshops, and seminars on the storyteller’s craft. It’s truly epic and worth your time.

While we aren’t technically a part of the Symposium, they’ve been gracious enough to give us the use of one of their presentation rooms! So…

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
from 2pm to 3pm
in the Albany Room in the Westin Hotel
(right across from the Convention Center)

…we’ll be rocking LIVE DEMOS of the ARCHIVOS system!


Are they not the hotness?

Don’t bother… we know they are and so do you.

Swing by the booth (did we mention we’re at Booth # 262?) and enjoy the regal treatment as our dashing and knowledgeable staff guide you through the delights that await you behind the ARCHIVOS Login Screen. And, as an added bonus, you’ll receive this stunning badge ribbon, destined to be the crown jewel of your badge array!



Pins!? YES!

ARCHIVOS is proud to be among the collectible pins in this year’s PIN BAZAAR at Gen Con. We’ll have these beauties at the booth and if you’ll let us take 15 minutes of your day to show you the fabulousity of the app, you’ll not only be enriched and empowered, but you’ll ALSO be gifted with a gorgeous collectible ARCHIVOS Logo pin absolutely free!

If you’re in a rush, the pins are $5, but really… we’d rather show you the awesomeness of ARCHIVOS and give you the pin for FREE as a token of our appreciation.


“Bargains?!” you say. Abso-darned-lutely! 😀

At Gen Con ONLY, this year ONLY, we are offering a one-year Professional –Level subscription at HALF-PRICE! $48 gets you a year of elite status with:

  • UNLIMITED story settings
  • UNLIMITED collaboration
  • Story Sharing
  • Plus all the ground-breaking story development and visualization features

This is a deal too big for anything but Gen Con and it’s only available at our booth in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #262 in case you haven’t been taking notes). 😉

What ELSE?

Wellll, there may be some…

So look… swing by the booth! Introduce yourself and tell us about your storytelling adventures! 😀

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