Building Your RPG Campaign With ARCHIVOS

Part Four: Character Creation

"More great stuff you can do to heighten the excitement, and get your players ready for the epic journey you’re going to take them on!"

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the geography of our RPG campaign since it’s crucial to those early stages where you’re just getting your feet wet in the world you’re creating, but now it’s time to turn our attention to something just as fun to create: characters.

Characters breathe life into your RPG world, making everything you’ve created—from the smallest tavern, to a governing body—explode into reality for you as the Game Master, and for your players who get to watch you play as all of those NPCs.

With Archivos, keeping track of your characters and their connection to the world has never been easier, but it all has to start somewhere, right?

This time around we’re going to be talking about adding a character to your RPG world with Archivos, so that you can see just how simple the platform makes it so that everything is right at your fingertips.

Creating a Character in ARCHIVOS

The Storyteller Menu gives you all the functions you need, including creating a new story element
The Storyteller Menu gives you all the functions you need, including creating a new story element

When it comes to creating new Story Elements in Archivos, the first step is always the same. Head on over to the storyteller’s menu in the top left-hand corner, scroll down to Story Elements, and select New Story Element.

For the purposes of this example, we’re going to create a Half-Orc that resides in the city of Waterdeep, where our campaign begins.

Now that you’re on your blank Story Element page, it’s time to start filling in all the relevant information for the character you’re creating.


2. IMAGE: If you have some artwork you’d like to use to represent your character, you can upload it here. Remember, it must be no more than 5MB, and be a JPEG or PNG file.

3. ELEMENT TYPE: For the geography section of our series we were selecting Region and Location for the element type, but now that we’re moving on to creating characters, we can specifically choose Character for this.

4. STATUS: If you’re still in the early stages of your campaign like we are, you can set the status to Private, otherwise if you wish to immediately unleash your creations on the world you can choose Public. Remember, this is separate from the Story Setting’s STATUS (which determines whether or not your setting is available for public viewing). If your setting status is “private”, story elements set to “public” still can’t be seen because the setting itself is hidden.

5. GENDER: This is a new part of the Story Element creation process that we haven’t touched on before because it wasn’t present in the geography portions of this series. Since we’re creating characters now, we have the option of choosing Male, Female, or Other. Our Half-Orc that we’re creating is a male, so we’ll choose that one.

6. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Here you can provide a little flavor text to introduce everyone to your character. This will appear in the pop-up, as well as in the Archivos display modes.

7. LONG DESCRIPTION: Now you can really get down to the meat of your character by describing them in detail. You can list their physical features, their background, or any other relevant information you feel would be beneficial to your players.

Enter the details about your character in the Story Element Configuration page
Enter the details about your character in the Story Element Configuration page

8: AVATAR: Archivos uses its own generic avatars for characters, but if you want to display something special you can upload your own artwork here, and just like the IMAGE it must be a JPEG or PNG file, and be no larger than 5MB.

9. RELATED LINKS: Chances are you won’t have too many outside links to share with your players regarding your characters since they’re of your own creation, but perhaps it would be beneficial to share some information on the specific races of your characters. Since our character, Bours, is a Half-Orc, I could share some links related to the history of the race, to give my players a better understanding of where he’s coming from. Alternately, you can choose not to share any related links with your players, leaving them in complete suspense.

10. RELATIONSHIPS: For now we’ll leave this part blank, but next time we’ll talk about linking our characters to one another, and go more in depth with the Story Web aspect of Archivos, which is a whole lot of fun.

When you’ve finished everything, don’t forget to click the SAVE button in the top right corner so you don’t lose all that creativity you just inputted.

The First Step Towards Greatness

Now you’ve taken the first step in creating your RPG characters with Archivos, and from here the possibilities are endless. With the Archivos story app, you’ll be able to link all of your fascinating NPCs together, thus creating a detailed story web that we’ll touch on in future posts. For now, sit back and enjoy all that you’ve done so far in creating your RPG campaign, and next time we’ll show you ever more great stuff you can do to heighten the excitement and get your players ready for the epic journey you’re going to take them on.

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