Fostering Your Creative Community with ARCHIVOS


Since it’s launch in May 2018, the ARCHIVOS development team has been driven to refine and expand the awesomeness of the app. Today, those fabulous devs have yet again expanded the ARCHIVOS feature set, adding real-time collaboration to the list of valuable tools it provides to today’s storytellers.

“Writing is largely viewed as a solitary art form,” says Dave Robison, creator of ARCHIVOS, “but every storyteller – whether they’re an author, a gamer, or an educator – is inspired by their creative community. Now our subscribers can actually invite that community into their ARCHIVOS experience.”

Fostering Community

It’s through the dynamic interaction with our peers and fellow storytellers that we explore and expand our creative landscape.
Dave Robison – creator of ARCHIVOS

The ARCHIVOS feature set has always included tools to engage with their community. The public Story Catalog provides a place for subscribers at the Professional Level* to share their settings with the world. Several well-known television story worlds have been documented there already, including The Expanse, Supernatural, and The Dragon Prince. Game worlds like Dragon Age have also been documented as have podcast audio fiction settings like The Angel of Vine. Even historical eras (The American Revolution) and contemporary genealogies (The British Royal Family) have been chronicled in ARCHIVOS.

The ARCHIVOS Story Web for "The Expanse - Season One"

But sometimes, the sharing needs to be more targeted. Game Masters, for example, don’t want to share their game world with everyone, just their players. Authors may want to run their story world by beta readers to get initial feedback. So ARCHIVOS provides subscribers with Private Viewing options. This allows storytellers to invite a select group of individuals to view a private story setting. This is perfect for gaming groups as well as storytellers hoping to incentivizing a mailing list or Patreon feed.

Share a private story setting exclusively with your tribe!

Plus, subscribers can upload an invitation list of email addresses in CSV format, saving loads of time!

Then, for subscribers writing in a shared world or working with a group of creators to develop a game world for publication, ARCHIVOS offers the newly upgraded Collaboration feature. Operating in real-time, multiple collaborating storytellers can edit the same story setting freely. As one updates the content, the rest can see those edits as they’re made. It’s a perfect environment for dynamic inspiration, the hallmark of good collaborations.

Inspire and Be Inspired

Writing words on paper is (more often than not) a solitary experience, but the storyteller’s art can’t thrive in isolation. It’s through the dynamic interaction with our peers and fellow storytellers that we explore and expand our creative landscape.

ARCHIVOS was created to not only help refine the storyteller’s craft, but also to provide opportunities to share their vision with the world.

*There are three levels of subscription: Basic, Personal, and Professional:

  • Basic Subscriptions are free and subscribers get a free private story world to build and explore however they desire.
  • Personal Subscriptions are $6/month and include unlimited story settings to build and develop.
  • Professional Subscriptions are $8/month and include all the sharing and collaboration features to foster a thriving creative community.

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