ARCHIVOS Announces Discounts for Storytelling Organizations

Writing communities around the world will be able to subscribe to ARCHIVOS at a 50% discount!

As part of the celebration of our public launch on April 27th, we’re pleased to announce that members of Writing Groups, Gaming Guilds, and Teaching Consortiums everywhere will have the opportunity to subscribe the ARCHIVOS framework at half price.

“In addition to story development and presentation,” says Dave Robison, Director of Wonderthing Studios and creator of ARCHIVOS, “this framework was created to support online collaboration and foster creative exploration within digital communities. We want to ensure the benefits of ARCHIVOS reach every creative community around the world.”

How does it work?

Organizations interested in participating in the program fill out the application form on the ARCHIVOS website. There is no charge or fee for participation, and qualifying organizations will receive a coupon code to distribute to their membership good for 50% off any Personal or Professional Subscription.

The discount will be good for three months, at which time the sponsoring organization is free to re-apply to the program at no charge.



The mission of your organization should be based on telling stories. Whether that’s writing good fiction, running a good RPG campaign, or teaching history or classic literature, there should be some element of crafting and sharing stories in the raison d’etre for your group.

Online Presence

It may be just a Facebook group page or an online forum, but your organization needs to have an online presence. ARCHIVOS fosters online collaboration and we want to support organizations that have embraced those same digital community strategies.

“This is our core mission,” Robison says, “to foster the development and sharing of stories worldwide. Stories inspire hope, expand awareness, and deepen our connection to the world and our community. We think that’s a vital component of a thriving culture and we want to support the creators who are adding to the world with their stories.”

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