Introducing: ARCHIVOS Patron Accounts


ARCHIVOS is an exceptional way to organize and document your story settings. In fact, most of the story settings currently active in the application are private, being used by writers and gamers to help develop and refine their stories.

The ARCHIVOS Story Catalog

BUT… there are a bunch of settings that are public. Why? Because the ARCHIVOS display modes are a great way to present a story setting, too!

As we were developing ARCHIVOS, we anticipated fans and story enthusiasts would be excited by the prospect of exploring their favorite story worlds in a completely unique and interactive format.

With that in mind…

ARCHIVOS is pleased to introduce the absolutely free Patron Account!

What’s Included with a Patron Account?

When you sign up for a free Patron account, you receive instant access to the ARCHIVOS Story Catalog, a portal to all the public story settings in the ARCHIVOS system. The Catalog is filterable by genre and searchable by title or author screen name.

Selecting a setting takes you to an overview of the story elements detailed in the setting called the Setting Summary. Clicking any element – or the links to the Story Web, Living Map, or Timeline – will load the appropriate display mode.

And then you’re free to dig into all the story elements, see how they’re connected, read their profiles, and discover a new way to explore a story setting!

The Setting Summary Page for an public ARCHIVOS Story Setting

Beta Never Looked So Good

It’s true… we’re still in Open Beta. The system works as advertised, but it’s far from perfect. Some of the UI is clunky (we’re working on that), not everything is connected the way we’d like (we’re working on that, too), and there is a roadmap of features to be built that will take us into 2020 and beyond (and we’re definitely working on that).

But the visual framework for displaying these settings is exciting and illuminating… and we want to share it. Besides, one of the best ways to improve an online application is to let people use it and have them tell you what they love about the app (and what’s making them a little crazy, too). And we’d love to hear what you have to say.

So if you’re up for exploring a whole new way to experience a story world absolutely free, we invite you to become an ARCHIVOS Patron!

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