Introducing the ARCHIVOS Podcast Network

There’s a new button on the ARCHIVOS menu bar... “PODCASTS”!

ARCHIVOS expands its media offerings this week, reaching into the world of podcast media with a new* podcast, ARCHIVOS – Insights, exploring the craft of veteran storytellers. This is the first of two podcast formats in the ARCHIVOS Podcast Network, the second being ARCHIVOS – Brainstorms, a story workshop podcast where writers discuss their story ideas with veteran storytellers.

*Actually, the only thing new is the name of the podcast.

5 years ago, ARCHIVOS’s creator – Dave Robison – founded “The Roundtable Podcast” and defined the two formats (interview and brainstorm) for the show. The podcast embodied Robison’s delight with exploring (and sometimes subverting) the architecture of storytelling and his deep commitment to supporting the creative community.

With the imminent release of ARCHIVOS, The Roundtable Podcast has been re-branded to help support the story development and presentation platform.

“It’s a natural fit, really,” says Robison. “Both the Roundtable and ARCHIVOS were born in the same place in my heart… from a love and fascination with storytelling and the desire to bring creative people together so they can enhance and refine their creations. It only makes sense for the podcast and ARCHIVOS to work together and support each other.”

The first episode in the ARCHIVOS – Insights podcast feed released today, July 25, featuring an interview with James Sutter, Executive Editor at Paizo Publishing and Creative Director for the new Starfinder Role Playing Game.

“James is a powerhouse of creative mojo,” observes Robison.” He’s been on the podcast before and the conversation was astonishing. He deeply loves what he does and that comes through clearly in the form of deep startling insights you only get from actually DOING the thing you love.”

Having Sutter as the premiere guest also reinforces the diversity of ARCHIVOS’s feature set. “Among his long list of passions, James is both an author and a game designer. ARCHIVOS is equally multi-faceted, providing incredible value to writers and gamers and supporting their efforts to tell great stories.”

The follow-up to Sutter’s Insights interview will be released Tuesday, August 1, with the first ARCHIVOS – Brainstorms episode. Sutter – along with Robison and the podcast’s co-host, author Marie Bilodeau – will brainstorm a story idea presented by Guest Writer Brandon Green.

Writers and storytellers wishing to pitch their story ideas on ARCHIVOS – Brainstorms are encouraged to submit their story idea via the “Be A Guest” form on the podcast website. There is no charge and – if your story pitch is accepted – you’ll be invited to appear on the show. All guests will receive a free year of ARCHIVOS!

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