Make Your LARP Even MORE Awesome with ARCHIVOS


If you’ve participated in or managed a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) event then you know how much fun they can be. AND what a massive organizational and storytelling endeavor it can be.

ARCHIVOS is the perfect tool to help LARP storytellers develop, organize, and share the awesome tales being told in the hundreds of LARPs around the world.

The Three Challenges of LARPing

Creators of a strong LARP are constantly dealing with three main challenges:

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  1. Maintaining consistency across a massive storyline
  2. Organizing players and staff for LARP events
  3. Sharing that story information to their players (to entice new players and inform existing ones)

Let’s look at how ARCHIVOS can help meet those challenges…

A Consistent Story World

The longer a story gets, the more intricate and complex it becomes. Keeping track of who did what, where, and when can become a daunting task requiring pages and pages of documentation.

Archivos puts the entire chronicle of your LARP saga at your fingertips. With three searchable interactive display modes, every detail is archived and illuminated.

The Story Web shows the connections between every character, place, and event.

[Click image to view larger version]

The Living Map shows you where significant events took place in the context of key locations and landmarks.

[Click image to view larger version]

The Timeline gives you a linear chronology of each documented event with comprehensive details of participants and locations.

[Click image to view larger version]

Need to find out who is in the Order of the Black Rose and is also in the Thieves’ Guild, or how close the Battle of Seven Swords was to the opening of the Great Portal? Archivos has you covered!

Organizing a LARP Event

Most LARPS have one (or more) primary storytellers crafting a narrative that is then executed by a cadre of support storytellers and NPC players who drive the action during the event. Preparation for these events is critical to ensure a dramatic and enjoyable experience for the players.

In addition to the display modes, ARCHIVOS has several features that make crafting and organizing a great LARP event.

The Timeline

  • You can schedule Event Elements to the minute, so if you need to have an event occur at 3:42 PM on Saturday, then you can schedule that accordingly.
  • Event Elements can also be scheduled with date ranges, so you can schedule an event (like a magical storm, for example) to start and end at a particular time.
  • The Timeline allows you to see concurrent events, so you can see overlaps of events and spot inconsistencies.
  • Events can be connected to the locations where they occur AND will link directly to the Living Map display for spatial context.
  • Any NPCs required for the Event can be linked as well AND the timeline can be searched BY NPC Character to quickly identify all events a given Character is slated to participate in (easily spotting those pesky “in two places at once” moments)
  • Descriptions can include suggested dialog for NPCs, objectives, and challenges… anything the storyteller requires to ensure a smooth encounter.

The Living Map

  • Upload the main event site for an overall map to quickly reference the area of play.
  • Embed detailed play areas and link them to the main map, allowing for a quick “drill down” to specific information.
  • Link Event Elements to their locations so – at a glance – you can see ALL the events happening at a given location throughout the LARP event.
  • Events displayed in the Living Map contain the same comprehensive information AND link directly to the Timeline for immediate chronological context.

The Story Web

  • As factions and their agendas are woven into the storyline, quickly identify the Player Characters with a connection to any given faction (to anticipate engagement and reaction).
  • Examine a character’s complete network of association to identify patterns of behavior and conduct (and develop plot hooks and other motivators).
  • Review the history and character engagement of a location to ensure continuity and leverage the location’s past in the context of the current story

Share the Setting with your Team

  • ARCHIVOS’s collaboration feature allows you to keep your story setting private but still share it with your fellow storytellers.
  • Give Editing Privileges to you co-game masters to lighten the workload and allow them to configure their parts of the story event.
  • Give View Privileges to NPCs so they can review where they need to be and what they should be doing at any point during the LARP event.

Accessibility to Your Epic Tale

One of the most daunting aspects – and thus the biggest barrier to entry – for a new player is getting up to speed on “the story so far”.

In addition, what if you want to introduce a new slice of history that’s recently been written… er… discovered? How do you convey that information to the players in a way that integrates the NEW information with the existing storyline?

With ARCHIVOS, you can create a public version of your story world and share it with new and veteran players (in early 2019, you’ll actually be able to embed the display modes into YOUR website!). The heroic deeds and rich history of your LARP will be laid out in a vast interactive panorama, customizable and searchable by your current and potential players.

What better way to entice new players and keep your existing ones informed and up to date?

Enrich Your LARP with ARCHIVOS

We built ARCHIVOS to help storytellers realize the true vision of their inspirations AND to share that vision with their audience… this is especially true for the Live Action Role Play community!

Basic Subscriptions are free ( so you can try out the basic features.

When you decide you’re to build your LARP Story World in earnest (with the collaboration and sharing capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade to a “Professional” subscription ($8/month), HOWEVER the people you share your setting with will only require a Basic (free) subscription to participate, so there are no extra costs no matter how many storytellers and players you need to bring onboard.

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