Pre-Beta Launch of ARCHIVOS at Gen Con 50

Deep discounts and early access at "The Best Four Days of Gaming"

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Gen Con Game Fair. As gamers from around the world converge on Indianapolis for “The Best Four Days in Gaming”, they’ll have another reason to celebrate.

They will be the first Storytellers to use ARCHIVOS!

Wonderthing Studios announces an exclusive Pre-Beta Launch of ARCHIVOS at Gen Con 50! From August 17 to 20, Gen Con attendees will be able to purchase Subscriptions to ARCHIVOS two weeks before the Open Beta launch in September.

And, to make the celebration even sweeter, all subscriptions will be 20% off!

Celebrating the Storytellers

ARCHIVOS will be at Booth #3054 in the Exhibitor Hall

“Gen Con is an amazing celebration of the storytelling spirit,” says Dave Robison, the program’s creator and owner of Wonderthing Studios. “Gaming is one of the most dynamic expressions of collaborative storytelling, and anyone who has rolled dice knows that Gen Con is the place to get all the coolest gaming gear before anyone else. It just makes sense that we premiere ARCHIVOS here and we’re excited to be a part of Gen Con’s 50-year legacy.”

Anyone visiting the Wonderthing Studios booth (#3054) will be able to try out a demo of ARCHIVOS. After experiencing the excitement of seeing their story worlds illuminated by ARCHIVOS’s story mapping displays and visuals, they’ll be able to purchase a subscription and start using it right away.

Storytellers and Patrons

There will be two subscription types available in the ARCHIVOS open beta:

The Storyteller – This subscription unlocks the full power of ARCHIVOS’s story development features. Storyteller subscribers can create an unlimited number of story settings, documenting all the people, places, and events of each. Storytellers have the option to make their story worlds “public” to other ARCHIVOS subscribers or make them exclusively for their eyes only.

The Patron – For those not ready to make the leap into Storyteller status but still want to explore story worlds through the ARCHIVOS interface, the Patron subscription grants access to the Story Catalogue and the ability to view any “public” story settings built in the program. PLUS, Patrons can apply the price of their subscription towards upgrading their account to Storyteller status!

ALL subscriptions extend through 2018, granting subscribers over 16 months of ARCHIVOS access!

Storyteller Subscriptions will be $48 at Gen Con ($60 during the open beta).

Patron Subscriptions will be $10 at Gen Con ($12 during the open beta).

If you can’t attend Gen Con, find someone who is and have them come to the booth and secure your subscription on your behalf. Don’t miss out on the chance to be among the first to build your story world in ARCHIVOS, the premiere story development program!

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