The Story Web of ARCHIVOS

There are many applications that help you document your stories. ARCHIVOS takes that documentation to the next level, allowing you to not only document the story elements of your settings but to explore those elements with interactive visual displays.  This introduces a new level of engagement and analysis to your story worlds.

The Story Web, the Living Map, and Timeline allow you to not only see the characters, places, and events of your stories, it illuminates the context of those story elements. By framing a character in the context of other characters in the story or the geography they are associated with, ARCHIVOS allows you to explore their relevance in the context of the larger story.

The Story Web

Screen capture of the Story Web display for Lord of the Rings (Boromir)
Screen capture of the Story Web display for Lord of the Rings (Boromir)

The primary display in ARCHIVOS is the Story Web. It lays out out the network of associations for a single story element, connecting it to the characters, places, and events with which it engages. Families, political or professional affiliations, significant events, and more are presented as a network of avatars that summarize the element’s existence in the story on a single page.

The Story Web also displays some of the connections of those related elements. This extends the network even further, allowing you to see not only immediate connections but those secondary associations that may influence the primary element.




Find What You’re Looking For

While some story elements fit neatly into the display window, others (usually the more interesting ones) are so connected to the story that their full Story Web display becomes a clutter of avatars.

Fortunately, the Story Web can be filtered to display only the element types in which you’re interested. If you only want to see the people the element is associated with, simply select the “Character” filter and the Story Web display is refined to show only associations to other characters.

Filter the Story web display by Story Element Type to target a specific context
Filter the Story web display by Story Element Type to target a specific context
Search the entire archive of Story Elements to display the information you're looking for
Search the entire archive of Story Elements to display the information you're looking for

If you’re not seeing the character or place you’re interested in, no problem. Simply enter the element’s name in the Search field at the top of the display. ARCHIVOS will present you with a list of story elements that match your entry. Clicking on any element in the list will re-draw the Story Web display with the selected element as the focus.

Digging Deeper

More often than not, seeing these connections will likely raise some questions about the story elements you’re seeing.

ARCHIVOS has you covered.

By clicking once on any displayed story element, its Summary Profile will be displayed revealing a brief description and related links to other sites and pages. Another click will expand the profile to include more in-depth information.

How Does This Help?

In one display, you can quickly navigate the length and breadth of your story setting, retrieving vital data on the elements that are important to you, and strengthening your instinctive understanding of the story structure with a solid visual framework.

Searching becomes a matter of association rather than rote memory. For example, if you’re wondering whether or not one of your characters participated in a certain event, you can fire up the Story Web and quickly find an answer by clicking on the character or event. If they aren’t immediately available, chances are the location of the event or one of the other characters involved will be. Clicking on either will display the event or the character you’re looking for and you’re in business!

You can analyze the membership of governments or organizations in your story to ensure balance and continuity. You may discover useful overlaps to be exploited for story development.

Family trees become instantly accessible and navigable, moving up, down, or across with the click of a mouse.

All the structures and networks in your story setting are now laid out in a convenient, interactive reference that allows you to quickly access details about any component without navigating away from the overall structure.

ARCHIVOS helps writers –and their fans – engage with their stories on a whole new level.

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It would be really nice to have a video that breaks this down for reference for and people who are considering using this tool. Thank you.

We agree, Brandy. We’re working on it even as we speak!

We’re developing a master overview video now and then a series of deep-dives into each display mode and the story development features available to subscribers. We’re proud of ARCHIVOS and we want everyone to geek out about it as much as we do! 😉

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