ARCHIVOS empowers storytellers to be
the true architects of their story settings


Define the characters, places,
and events of your story setting

Configure the relationships that define them in the context of the story setting

Explore the result in an
interactive online display

Define your Story Setting

ARCHIVOS is great for developing original stories, but it can also be used for fan sites or fan fiction, as well as educational sites exploring classic literature or historical eras.

All ARCHIVOS Story Settings can be set for Private Use or Public Viewing… you decide if and when you share your setting with the world.

Add Story Elements

Every character, location, and event that appears in your setting can be detailed in ARCHIVOS.

Story Element Types include: Character, Location, Region, Organization, Item, Event, Race, and Discipline

Storytellers can assign images, define short and long descriptions, and even specify external links to content relevant to each element!

But the REAL power of ARCHIVOS is in defining the relationships between characters. This illuminates the network of interaction that defines the very heart of any story.

And the Story Element Dashboard ensures every facet of your creation is at your fingertips… searchable, sortable, and trackable.

View and Explore Your Creation!

As soon as your elements are entered, you can see them mapped out across THREE dynamic interfaces:

The Story Web

An interactive map of all the story elements in your setting

The Living Map

The geography of your setting laid out in the context of the story elements that give it life

The Timeline

A complete continuity of story events linked to the places they occur and characters present

Authors and Publishers

Writers use Archivos to map out the people, places, and events of their stories. All the details – including character backgrounds, maps, and event timelines – are accessible in a convenient and efficient framework, fostering consistency and continuity through the story.

Once a story is released, publishers can use the Archivos framework to provide fans with a dynamic and interactive wiki with which to tour the story world and the wonders therein.

Role Playing Gamers

Game worlds are the setting for epic sagas and legendary deeds. Archivos is the perfect tool to chronicle those events, catalog the places, organizations, and institutions that define it, and provide a comprehensive archive of the ancient history and mythology of the setting.


The stories of Steinbeck, Shakespeare, Dickens, and more can be documented within Archivos, providing students with a rich and intuitive framework for understanding and comprehension.

History can also be chronicled within Archivos, allowing educators to highlight the pertinent people, places, and events that define our present culture and society.